Frequetly Asked Questions

What is Efico all about?

We have discovered that undergraduates are not exposed to the realities of the "life after school", and even those who are opportuned, are confused about what better way to navigate and skills to acquire amidst the myriads and the rave of the moments. Hence, we help them find their fit, instill relevant skills and make them truest successful upon graduation.

How do I join this community?

We are building an ecosystem of competent Eficos around all campuses in Nigeria. There is an Efico hub in your school. You can join the online group where you would be sensitized about their monthly physical meetings.

How do I join the online group?

If you do not have a network to connect you to your school's efico hub, follow us on any of our social media handle and send us a message.

When and where do trainings take place?

Apart from the online and physical orientation, we avail paid (but immensely subsidized) trainings and avail you the latitude to choose from a broad spectrum of skillsets according to your personality. These trainings are digitalized and you can have physical contacts and opportunities for hands-on projects implementations from your school hub.

As a graduate, how do i benefit from the trainings?

Since our mission is focused majorly on undergraduates and helping them like a guardian angel till graduation, you might not be getting the trainings highly subsidized just as they do.

What if I discover that the course I am studying is different from what I discovered about myself in Efico?

Efico strongly believes that first step to success is the realization of one's true self and we also rest on the tenet that every career path have some specific relation. Hence, from the answers you will get from us, you would be able to apply yourself, mix and transfer skills to your advantage.

Efico help in admission processes in any way?

It is worthy on note that presently in Efico, we do not have any affiliation with any tertiary institution. Efico is an independent body and do not help in any school admission process.

What happens after I graduate from school?

We believe that after graduation, you must have found your fit due to the exposure and development we would avail you. Hence after graduation, you would be an alumnus and be required to mentor others as necessary.