Who We Are


Our Mission

We use a personalized self-assessment test to help undergraduates know themselves and channel skills in the Direction of their Natural abilities.

Our Vision

To churn out exceptional graduates every year, and by extension, instilling Efico in the minds of every undergraduate.

Our Purpose

We connect the significances of the academia in relation to the industry, thereby making undergraduates truly successful upon graduation.

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What We Stand For

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We are efficient, we always maximize your potential for that personalized skill

We are faithful, we adhere firmly to the cause of making you exceptional after graduation.

We stand as an entity of integrity, we are true to our words.

We love you to communicate, because that way, we can serve you better.

We hold organisation in high esteem, since it is one of the ways to follow through and track your progress.

Our Team

Meet The Team and The Founding Members

Efico Directors

The Team

Efico Team

The Founding Members

Efico Team

The founder in a conference, abolishing the “school is a scam” narrative