Time Management

Joshua slammed his laptop shut. It was 2:45am and he had just finished the last task for the day or was it the morning? He was tired to the bones and all he wanted to do was catch some zzzs before he had to be up by 6am.


Wahala,” he sighed as he laid on his haphazardly laid bed. That word was an apt description of his life at that moment.


Anyone could tell Josh was in his final year in University due to his sunken eyes and haggard look. The pressure was intense and constantly weighed heavily on his brain, muscles and pocket.


The pocket had zero chills. There was rent to pay, books to buy, project expenses, and love. In this century, just being in love is expensive and he still had to eat to have enough strength.


His mom was a single parent trying her best and leaving the rest which was why the graphic design gig he got a month ago was a blessing. However, at the present moment, he didn't feel blessed. He felt stressed.


He needed more than 24 hours a day if he was going to keep up with academics, side hustle, social life, fellowship commitments and love. After all everyone knows love requires a lot of attention to grow.


On a good day, Josh got only 3 hours of sleep. Some days, he kept a vigil.


This night in question, however, he was choked with worry. He couldn't continue without having proper food and adequate rest in order to meet up with the crushing deadlines and his never ending responsibilities.


He picked up his phone and called the one person who always had an answer to his difficult questions about life—his mom.


"Hello, J-boy, what is it that bothers you so much that you had to call at this time?” She said in a voice that immediately made him feel calm.


He poured out his frustrations to his mom and she smiled.


“You are in this situation because you are a bad manager of your time. You have forgotten to apply the principles of priority and delegation,” She said. She then went further to advise him to list all his responsibilities and then arrange them in order of importance which he did.


“Now ask yourself, ‘which one of these things has the most impact on my future?’" She said to him. She went further to advise him to decrease the time allotted to activities that provided immediate and temporary rewards. Things like his studies and side hustle should be topping his list.


"Also, think ‘which one of these things can I get someone else to do for me?’" She concluded before they ended the call.


He slept with a smile on his face, he thought 'tomorrow will be different, I'll have enough time'.


After that day, Josh did as she advised. He soon realized 24 hours was enough, he had just been a bad time manager.


Victoria Odeniyi and The Efico Media Crew

2021-05-20 21:01:44


Time management is essential in our day to day activities. Thank you Efico Resources for this tips.
Great read!